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@Nov 30 Y2k: Crusoe recall, Pentium4 campaign, Robodex update
Transmeta confirms recall of Crusoe chips in this Yahoo article. The company said that the recalled Crusoe chips came from a limited manufacturing batch, and it said any remaining inventory of the defective chips had been returned to Transmeta. Intel's advertising agency has hired the creator of Apple Computer Inc.'s "Think Different" spots, Ken Segall, to work on the Pentium 4 campaign, in this TechWeb article. The original "Think Different" campaign won an Emmy in 1998, and the campaign won the Effie award for marketing effectiveness. Robodex 2000 show update in this article from the EDTN Network.

@Nov 28 Y2k: Sub-sub-notebooks, 2001's HAL
The Tech Report showcases a slew of Crusoe-based subnotebooks fresh from Comdex in this article. Very small, very nice, very light, and imagine: 11 hours of battery life! Sir Arthur C Clarke, the author of 2001, is backing a colourful British computer entrepreneur in his bid to launch a mass-market version of HAL under the brand name the Clarke Omniputer. The Clarke 1 Gigahertz Omniputer is being dubbed as the most advanced personal computer in the world, verging on artificial intelligence. Read more in The Guardian Unlimited.

@Nov 26 Y2k: Gutenberg Bible, Issey Miyake
BBC News has this article on The Gutenberg Bible, the first major book printed in the west, set to go online on the internet in full for the first time. Ten researchers and technical experts from Tokyo's Keio University and from Japanese telecoms company NTT spent two weeks in the British Library to digitise the pages - bringing with them technology originally designed for spy satellites. Issey Miyake's Versatility line of men's jackets seem to paint a clothing-as-gadgets picture - one jacket reverses to a raincoat, while another has a raincoat secretly stashed within. The travel jacket has enough waterproof compartments for one to forego the overnight bag completely!

@Nov 23 Y2k: Memo recorders, mice, cuddly robot dog, Eye-Trek
More Sony products: their new line of voice file recorders now provide memory stick storage technology for easy transfer to your PC. Forget about passwords, well, you forget them anyway, because Siemens' new ID Mouse offers built-in fingerprint identification technology. And MGA Entertainment has another robot dog offering: Shadow, the cuddly robot dog. More information on Honda's humanoid Asimo robot may be found here. Olympus released a new Eye-Trek HMD, the FMD250W - highly recommended for DVD viewing.

@Nov 22 Y2k: ROBODEX 2000, Nokia 9210
Sony has just developed the perfect companion for your dog, a robot human! The SDR-3X will be displayed at ROBODEX 2000, the world's first exhibition of “Robots as Partner” from November 24-26 in Yokohama, Japan. Honda, on the other hand, unveiled a more sophisticated 1.2m-high robot, the Asimo. Nokia's latest 9210 Communicator offers full-color screen with 4096 colors, Mobile email, Word, Spreadsheet, Presentation viewer, High speed WWW and WAP, and Mobile multimedia.

@Nov 21 Y2k: iRobot, Anoto, Airboard
For my fellow robot enthusiasts: the iRobot-LE™ is the first multi-purpose home robot controllable from a web browser. Available now, with special COMDEX pricing! The Anoto pen, together with its specially patterned paper, allows you to store and transmit practically anything you write or draw through a built-in Bluetooth transceiver. If you still got money left after all that, check out the Airboard. Buy now!

@Nov 18 Y2k: Erap
Thomas Fuller of the International Herald Tribuine has this interesting article on the Philippines' much beloved president-elect (sic!).

@Nov 15 Y2k: Mile-high surfing, PC viruses
Connexion, a division of airplane maker Boeing, demonstrated broadband Internet access on board airplanes at Comdex. Soon, we won't have to contend with those bad movies on long-haul flights anymore! Navidad, sans Feliz, and Hybris, are two new viruses you should watch out for. More information on ZDNet.

@Nov 14 Y2k: Aibo launch, TIGTBYC
Entertainment Robot America (ERA), a division of Sony Electronics Inc. (SEL) has proclaimed November 21, "AIBO, Here There and Everywhere" day in the City by the Bay, San Francisco, California. For more information, visit www.aibo.com. If you think you've had enough of that high-tech box in front of you, check out The Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer.

@Nov 11 Y2k: Color Palm V, cloth keyboard, Asian dot-coms
Palm Infocenter has the following news items on the Palm Vc due out by March 2001 and a flexible, washable, fabric keyboard from ElectroTextiles. AP has this article that Asian, non-English, dot-com domain names are now being accepted.

@Nov 07 Y2k: Palm Film Fest et al
The Aggressively Boring Film Festival is still accepting entries until November 10. The top films will be presented in the Sony CLIÉ booth at Comdex in Las Vegas, November 13th - 17th. For Palm OS newbies, surf your favorite web sites on your Palm with AvantGo or Coola - learn more about these utilities at Palm Infocenter.

@Nov 02 Y2k: Disposable cellphones, Dot Cons
Ready for the talk-and-trash cell phone? USA Today has this article on Artschul's patented invention using paper circuits. The phone would provide 60 minutes of calling time for less than $20. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lists the Top Ten Internet Scams - you have been warned!

@Oct 31 Y2k: MatchFinder, filipinolinks.com
Want to find your perfect match? Check out MatchFinder, and see what's in store - you just might get what you deserve! =) Thanks Gerard for helping me find my match, he-he... Another thank you is extended to whomever added my web site's URL to Tanikalang Ginto, a Philippine web directory.

@Oct 29 Y2k: Translator, PenCam
Holy Babel Fish, Batman! Ectaco releases the UM-101 Universal Translator™ which offers speech-to-speech technology, instantly translating between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese and Russian! While Aiptek has the USB-equipped PenCam Trio, a pen-sized digital camera, digital camcorder and webcam in one!

@Oct 24 Y2k: E-mail? Dell says... Darwin Awards
Is it email or is it e-mail? Is it a matter of style? Read what Wired.com has to say about the issue. Ever wondered what your computer thinks about you? Check out this exclusive on TheOnion.com as a computer answers back to its users. Do you remember the Pinoy hijacker with the homegrown parachute? Well, he made runner-up in the Official Darwin Awards - commemorating those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.

@Oct 23 Y2k: Billiard tech & other inventions...
For those of you who are fond of billiards, check out CueSight's laser-sighted pool cues, one of which I will soon be a proud, though geeky, owner of! Then visit Salon.com's 21st Challenge - future products you would want to own now; such as the new Digital Helenometer© which scans your appearance and gives you an instant readout in millihelen units. (One millihelen equals enough beauty to launch one ship)

@Oct 17 Y2k: 20 Ways, AIR, Radiation, etc.
Check out "20 Ways the World Could End" among Discover.com's list of 2020 stuff. And here's another list: Beyond2000.com's article of the Ig Nobel Prizes, the offspring of Harvard's Annals of Improbable Research (AIR) journal. How does your cellular phone fare on CNET.com's Cell Phone Radiation Chart? Handspring just released the Visor Prism, a colored-screen version of their PDA. Time Digital has an aritcle on tracing your roots using the Internet, and here's a cool pic of Sony's new PCG-GT1 video-camera equipped laptop.

@Oct 13 Y2k: Aibo2, Wrist Dreams
Sony's 2nd generation Aibo is out! Check the official web site for more information on the ERS-210 - available in the U.S. by December for about US$1,400.00. While waiting, you can check out the latest in wrist-wearable technology at wristdreams.com.

@Oct 12 Y2k: Finger phone, Hacked Cue:C.A.T.
Stick it in your ear! That's how you listen to the other party while holding a conversation on this new wrist phone by NTT DoCoMo as reported by The Standard. WIRED reports on hackers starting to modify Digital Convergence's Cue:C.A.T. (see below) into a general purpose bar code scanner in this article.

@Oct 11 Y2k: SMS, Dataplay disc, Cue:C.A.T.
Welcome, America, to text messaging! Forbes magazine's online article predicts SMS text messsaging likely to be a big hit in the U.S. Dataplay's new, and notably tiny, disc format could put an end to CompactFlash, SmartMedia and Sony's Memory Stick, as featured in this ZDNet article. If you can get hold of a Cue:C.A.T., a device from Digital Convergence that lets your computer scan bar codes in magazines and take you to a web site, do get me one! Radio Shack is reportedly giving it away, according to this Time Digital article.

@Oct 09 Y2k: Cloning and exorcising
A cow in Iowa is giving birth next month to an endangered Asian gaur, native to India and Burma, according to this Washington Post article. Reminds you of Jurassic Park, doesn't it? Next on their list is an extinct Spanish mountain goat, while somewhere else on the net, somebody has a completely different idea at www.clonejesus.com. Also, check out The Filthy Critic's cool review of The Exorcist.

@Oct 08 Y2k: How much is that robot in the window?
I just bought a Tekno robotic puppy from Amazon.com, of course I haven't received it yet, but after the enormous success of Sony's Aibo, every toy manufacturer is jumping on the robot dog bandwagon. Newsweek's and the New York Times' archived articles attest to this. But I'm not about to shell out over US$2,000.00 for a toy! That's how much my laptop cost me! Tekno costs about US$40, and then there's i-Cybie that's coming out this Christmas, for about US$150, from the same makers of Furby. Poo-Chi, also from Tiger Electronics, is another dog that I think is lame because it can't even walk! And then there's Descartes...

@Oct 07 Y2k: Final Fantasy, OS X savers, Hitchhikers
A full CGI movie of the famed Final Fantasy game is in the works! Slated for a 2001 release, check the official website here. For MacOS X Public Beta pioneers, go beyond that boring screensaver included in the release. Epicware has a package of 7 screensavers to spice up our lives! Douglas Adams gives Hitchhiker fans a new reason to rejoice: the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Future radio series on BBC.

@Oct 04 Y2k: Color PalmV, MacOS X PB, H-1 visas
Palm Vs, sleeker, thinner, black-and -white or color, expansion slot - early next year! Check out the info at PalmLounge.com and Mapalad.org, the Philippine Palm Users Group, in their web site's What's New section. Ars Technica reviews MacOS X Public Beta here, and c|net has an article on the U.S. Senate's vote to increase the number of high-tech H-1 visas in the U.S.

@Oct 03 Y2k: People, e-sigs, fungi, IPOcracy
Network Computing features "The 10 Most Important People of the Decade" as far as the computing industry is concerned. Bill Gates is second, guess who's first. Electronic signatures, or e-signatures, are given legal standing by a new federal law here in a CNN story. Space fungi are eating up the Soviet Mir space station in this story on the Boston Globe. Wanna run for president? Check out IPOcracy!

@Oct 02 Y2k: The War of Desire and Technology...
Check out a review of University of Texas Professor Allucquere Rosanne Stone's recent book "The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age" at Slashdot here. Stone looks at virtual cross-dressers, busy cyber-labs and phone sex to capture that strange but undeniably real point where the boundaries between our technologies and ourselves continue to implode. Not your typical academic writing about cyberspace.

@Oct 01 Y2k: Lea, Leo soar even without chopper
Read about the stuck chopper at Miss Saigon's press preview last 29 September 2000 here from the Philippine Daily Inquirer interACTIVE.

@Oct 01 Y2k: Two views of hacking
For different perspectives on hacking, CNN Interactive posed a series of questions via e-mail to two experts in the field, one a computer security expert for IBM, the other, editor of 2600, the Hackers' Quarterly. Click here to check it out.

@Sep 28 Y2k: Satellite photos
"Top 10 images released from commercial eye-in-the-sky" - Interesting and visually striking photographs by the one-meter resolution Ikonos satellite are showcased on the company's Web site. These images show the Great Pyramids of Egypt; California's Hollywood sign; the Olympic Park venue in Sydney, Australia; Hoover Dam; London's Millennium Wheel; San Francisco Harbor; Hong Kong Harbor; Mecca, Saudi Arabia; and a before and after of the bombing of Grozny, Chechnya. Click here to check them out.


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